Agritech is a term used to describe the techno­logical advancements being made in the farming industry. This includes things like the Internet of Things (IoT), which allows physical objects to connect and exchange data through sensors and technologies. One example is a tractor that can send data directly to a farmer’s phone telling them which parts of their land need attention. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is another trend in agritech that has the potential to improve welfare and yield in crops and livestock. Biotechnology is another trend where genetic engineering is used to edit the DNA of animals and plants for the purpose of pest control and crop disease. Vertical farming is also becoming more popular as it allows crops to be grown indoors, making it possible to farm in more urban areas. Agricultural 4.0 involves the integration of all these aspects with the goal to guide us towards a sustainable future while increasing food security. These improvements will greatly benefit farmers with powerful technologies that provide data to assist planting, harvesting and crop management, opening up opportunities, even for small farms in rural areas.



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